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A farm that spreads over 50 Ha in Moshav Almagor that is in the northern side of the sea of Galilee, near Capernaum. Meshek Banai proudly specializes in a number of agriculture practices, including yielding mango and lychee plantations, a nursery of avocados, mangos and lychees for commercial growers, as well as professional consulting services for subtropical plantation and nursery that Daniel Banai operates with great success.



We treat each client as if he were part of our own farm. 


Our nursery specializes in Mango, Lychee and Avocado plants.


We work with unique Methods and specialize in micro grafting, plants propagation & rootstocking, specifically Avocado rootstock.

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 Lychee is a medium-sized green subtropical fruit tree, originally from southern China. the fruit is red and lumpy and tastes like heaven.


An evergreen subtropical fruit tree with about 15 varieties. The avocado originated in Central America. Avocados are the most attractive superfood these days. The height of a wild avocado tree can reach up to 15 meters.


A tropical tree, whose natural growing area is in the tropics of India and China. This tree has about 35 varieties.


Lychee propagation is known worldwide for its difficulties. This is why we developed in recent years an efficient and unique technique for lychee propagation, that allows us to send Lychee plants all over the world in a short period of time.



Outstanding in faster and stronger growth, compared to other varieties, and has a sweet- soury unique taste. (Big early season fruit- the first one to ripe).


The most popular and recommended of the varieties of the lychee, as it yields well, with the best color and taste you can imagine. 



One of the most widely planted and popular in Florida, while importing seeds to Israel made this type known here as well. This fruit is large, deep red, and is tasteful.


This variety of lychee is an extra large fruit with a degenerate core that is almost unnoticeable. This variety is very fine but its preparation process is particularly difficult.


A rootstock is the main key of good plantation, and we specialize in combining a wide selection of customized rootstocks of the avocado planting. The unique innovative technology we work with, taking the use of a rootstock to a new level in the agriculture world, is adapted to specific growing conditions that is opening the possibility to grow these unique rootstocks in new regions worldwide and to cultivate the fine growing of the avocado to new varieties.


The expertise of our nursery translates in planting rootstocks of vegetative and also seed propagation mainly.



Very dark color of the avocado fruit, with a bumpy and rough rind. It is easy to peel and considered tasty and buttery. It yields fruit for a long time from mid-winter. The variety is common in the world both for market use and domestically.


Late Hass variety with heavy yield and rich taste.


Green medium sized fruit in the shape of a narrow pear with a thin, smooth, green rind. Early flowering in early winter.


A new variety in Israel and unique to our farm.It’s an early variety harvested between the months of August-September, its color is light green in taste and a delicate nutty texture. It is quite Similar in taste to the Ettinger variety.


A big round late seasoned variety of the avocado with heavy yields, and is the last variety of the season, can be stored on its tree for 16 months.


Green Hass like mid-season variety with Hard shell and yet very easy to peel. suits warmer areas and has a very unique and dominant taste.


Our special treatment of Mangoes is unique and inimitable for it is the main and flagship product of our nursery.

We use disposable planting bags as our standard product, which makes our packing more efficient and environment- friendly.



The texture of the kit variety is less fibrous than the other varieties. Its fruit is large and green, late seasoned with a very heavy yield. It has a dominant taste and it is particularly juicy.


Mid-seasoned fruit with excellent taste, that when ripening it becomes yellow.  It is very popular around europe. The amount of its fiber is really low.


Big colourful fruit with high yield and lots of juice.


Red coloured fruit, late seasoned with a unique oval shape.


The most popular variety in Spain, High yields, aromatic and beautifully colored.


The most popular mango variety in Israel. It is the earliest of the varieties, almost fiber-free and most popular with the Israeli palate.


In today’s modern agriculture, using innovative tech with plantation is more important than ever. This industry is facing a lot of challenges, like expensive supply costs when wanting to  use quality materials, changes in consumer preferences for transparency and sustainability, and labor shortages, and Meshek Banai are offering professional solutions to these challenges.

For the last decade, the innovative tech of agriculture has experienced a huge increase in investments that are expressed in the use of automation and robotics, animal technology, precision agriculture and artificial intelligence and modern hatchery  of planting methods.


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