Packing & Shipping


Our Uniqueness in Meshek Banai, lies in the quality of our products, so we maintain a technique unique to us for packaging and maintaining the quality of each product that comes out of our nursery.

We closely monitor the raw materials, the quality of the fruits, and tailor each product perfectly to the customer.

We pass quality control at every stage of the packing - from the product's exit from the nursery until the customer finally receives the product.

With unique electronic methods for our nursery, we streamline the logistics process with the help of advanced technology in the field of innovative agriculture.

We use the most innovative tools to classify the fruits and products and pack them in a most sterile way possible.

We adapt the type of packing to the type of product and delivery it individually to the customer.

The customer receives a service full of a decent attitude, loyalty and transparency at every stage of the process until he receives the product itself.


We strive for the perfect results at our nursery – and that is when the client receives the fruit as fresh as it was picked, even when he is abroad.

With the Innovation Technology technique of our team, we pack the most perfect products ready for shipment efficiently and quickly, in order to ensure the product has as long a shelf life as possible.

Meshek Banai works with all the required approvals and works according to the legal PPIS standard of the Ministry of Agriculture.

We treat each customer individually and determine according to his needs the work methods and the timing of receiving the product packaged for him individually.

We closely monitor each stage during shipping to ensure that the product arrives in its entirety and complete integrity to the customer, to the strictest and highest standards possible.

We work with the most innovative agricultural technologies on the market today, in order to ensure the customer the highest level of service.

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