In 2015, Daniel Banai, Yaron’s son, graduated with honors in agronomy and joined the farm. Daniel is a certified agronomist with an extensive experience in plant propagation with  emphasis on the tropical plants mango, lychee and avocado.

As Yaron is an expert farmer with over 50 years of experience in growing subtropical plantations and together Yaron and Daniel provide solutions with professional advice for agricultural cultivation and specialization in growing subtropical plantations, so you can be sure that your plantation will receive the most professional care.

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We work in full collaboration with other nurseries worldwide, and accompany them online or frontally by need with practical knowledge and consultation, depending on the needs of the growers and their specific requirements in the agronomic field.


We physically arrive at the growth area according to a structured and pre-planned plan, in order to examine the progress step by step by phone, online or frontal meeting for an initial consultation and any question, when this Close professional guidance leads to better results in the field.


Our clients include kibbutzim, nurseries and international companies abroad, including South Africa, southern Spain, southern Italy, Namibia and more.

We bring knowledge, plant material and efficient business oriented programs individually fitted to each client.

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What sets us apart from other farmers is the practical knowledge that accompanies daily and continuous experience in our orchards and those of others who receive professional advice from us, and it can certainly be said that we are “breathing” the agricultural world.

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