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In today’s modern agriculture, using innovative tech with plantation is more important than ever. This industry is facing a lot of challenges, like expensive supply costs when wanting to  use quality materials, changes in consumer preferences for transparency and sustainability, and labor shortages, and Meshek Banai are offering professional solutions to these challenges.

For the last decade, the innovative tech of agriculture has experienced a huge increase in investments that are expressed in the use of automation and robotics, animal technology, precision agriculture and artificial intelligence and modern hatchery  of planting methods.

Our method of propagation is combining between the different varieties and rootstocks, to germinate and graft the seeds all together.


We specialize in a unique technique of grafting, we call it “micro-grafting”, we know how to graft small sprouts (2 month old plant) instead of a big rootstock (8-10 month old plant) as known in the traditional way of grafting propagation.  


( We graft young and smaller plants around the months of October-November, so by 8 months afterwards the seedlings are ready. The main difference of this method is that usually old  mature plants are ready only after a year and a half. )

Smart plant growing technique in a paper disposable bag, Exclusive to Meshek Banai nursery.

This bag is part of our unique technique of growing healthier and environment- friendly plants, while delivering them carefully to the customer.

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